Psychological Services


Psychological Services of Danville is located at 119 East Main Street in Danville, KY.

For appointments call  (859) 238-9469

Psychological Services of Lexington is located at 1092 Duval Street, Suite 220 (Off Tates Creek Road, near Man ‘O War) in Lexington, KY.

For appointments call  (859) 238-9469

Dr. Kruse is a Licensed Psychologist specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy

Welcome to Psychological Services

David R. Reber, Ph.D.

LouAnn Kruse, Ph.D.

119 East Main Street          Danville, KY.

Dr. Reber is a Licensed Psychologist and is Reality Therapy Certified. 

1092 Duval Street, Suite 220      Lexington, KY.